If you’ve read our previous post, Sleep Apnea Symptoms You Need to Know About, you may be thinking, who do I go see to find out is I have Sleep Apnea? And what reasons do I have to go? These questions are very common. As far as who you should go see, you will want to find a sleep study clinic that does in-lab, overnight sleep studies. The reason for doing an in-lab study v.s. an at home study is that the in-lab studies are far more accurate and give the doctors much more data. In fact, at home sleep studies cannot rule out sleep apnea, as they can be flawed in their data. Look for a clinic that can do an in lab study.

Side Effects From Sleep Apnea

Don’t know why you need to go in the first place? Here’s 5 reasons to go see a sleep doctor.

Sleep Apnea and Death

Let’s start with the most important one. Sleep apnea, though most people assume it’s “just snoring”, can be a life threatening disease. While sleep apnea typically isn’t the direct cause of death, it is often related to heart attacks, liver problems, depression, cancer, and other health problems that can lead to death. Due to the lack of deep sleep and proper oxygenation to the brain and vital organs, the body cannot properly heal itself, contributing to the previously noted health concerns.


If you’re being treated for depression but are still dealing with some of the symptoms, fatigue, drowsiness, and low mental strength, you could have been miss diagnosed. In a recent study posted by the New York Times, they talked about the relationship between depression and sleep apnea and how a large amount of the population may have been misdiagnosed. If you still feel the affects of depression despite the medication, you could be a part of a misdiagnosed group.

Memory Loss

What if I told you that you could get dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? While sleep apnea isn’t always related to dementia, there have been several studies that have linked the lack of oxygenation to the brain at night to memory related diseases. Best way to prevent early onset memory loss, get lots of quality sleep and see a sleep doctor!

If you believe you or your loved one is suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea, visit with your local sleep doctor and see if you might be suffering from a life threatening disease.