About Dr Lunson

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Have you been to multiple Doctors, and never felt like they understood your perspective?

Or even worse, they prescribed a one-size-fits all treatment that didn’t relieve your symptoms?

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Lunson, and I understand exactly how you feel.


I was in your shoes not long ago…

My Story

As the wife of a chronic snorer, I quickly realized that if not treated, many problems could arise from sleep apnea. Lack of sleep resulted in exhaustion, overall grumpiness, and discontentment.

Something had to change.

With modern science, we can quickly identify the source of jaw pain, sleeplessness, and other TMD/TMJ related symptoms. Come in today and start your journey, like I did, to pain-free living and a great night sleep.